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Chinese Medicine Helped Me Loose 75 pounds so far

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 @ 11:02 PM
Author: admin

When I started to get treatment with doctor Murphy on April 19 of 2010, I was weighting 400 pounds. I had a lot of pain on my knees and numbness in various parts of the body. With the guidance of doctor Murphy I changed my eating habits and started eating the right foods, exercising and visiting his office 2 times a month. Today February 2, 2011, I am weighting 325 pounds and I feel like a new person. Doctor Murphy helped me with the paisn associaed with obesity, he used acupuncture to get my body metabolism moving and burning fat all day. Also he prescribed me with some good herbs that really helped me loose fat fast.

I cannot say how grateful I am to doctor Murphy for helping loose all this weight with his amazin knowledge of the human body and how to heal it.

If anybody wants to loose weight, I really recommend doctor Murphy and Medicinal Life.