Diabetes- The Wasting and Thirsting Disease Part 2

Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes as with any major disease you will need to make lifestyle changes. More than likely it was the way that you were living your life that caused the problem to begin with. The Western concept of living is to work as hard as possible and then have a sedentary life when not working. Many people work really long hours or even have more than one job just to survive and then when they go home they will sit for hours in front of the television or computer for hours and then go to be. This is really not a lifestyle that is productive for your body and mind.

The changes that you will have to make may not be an easy transition, but it is something that you will need to do to preserve your life. Exercise is one of the things that you will need to do. It can be as simple as just walking around the block a few times to using a gym. There are many exercise programs that are out there. Some people need to have others around them to motivate them and others can do it on their own. For the ones that can do it on their own there is no excuse for you not to be exercising. The ones that need the support there are many types of classes you can get involved in that can be fairly reasonable to very expensive, but you can also just have a few friends that are willing to help keep you motivated. I do suggest having a few friends. This way if one of them is busy, then there are others that can help. You should tell your friends why you are doing this as well, so they will also take initiative to keep you motivated.

You should not make excuses for not exercising, such as you are too tired because you work too much or think that you get plenty of exercise while you are working. If you get into a routine of exercising you will gain more energy as well as have a more positive outlook. The exercise that you do at work is not the same as exercising for your body and mind. Whatever you are doing at work is going to be very repetitive and only working part of your body as well as leaving your muscles out of balance. You will also be focusing on work, which will be placing a mental strain on your mind at the same time. Exercise should be balanced for the body and help to clear the mind.

Your lifestyle should not be sedentary. There are times to sit and do nothing, but if this happens to often then you are just “Wasting” your life away. Life is meant to be full of many feelings and experiences. To go through life without experiencing it as well as making it shorter from having diabetes and not doing anything to help prevent the “Wasting and Thirsting Disease” from taking your life would be a real shame. Every moment of life should be cherished and lived to the fullest. Diabetes can be controlled, but it starts with you taking control of your lifestyle.