Dr. Kim Liu

Dr. S. Kimberly Liu, has had extensive training in both Western and Eastern Medicine in Taiwan, Dominican Republic, China, and United States. A multicultural and multi-lingual physician, she has over 20 years of experience, specializing in Mental Health, Women’s Issues, Chronic & Terminal Illnesses. She cares deeply for her patients’ well-being, has a charismatic and individualized approach to each and every person. She is an avid advocate of Oriental Medicine and fights for an Integrative Medicine in our health system. She also volunteers her time and expertise in Latin American Countries (Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica) to treat those who are in need and who do not have resources to go to a doctor or hospitals.
Credentials and Other achievements:
-Co-published a book on Chinese and Latin American medicinal plants “El Milagro de La Naturaleza”. Graficentro Editors. Honduras. 2001
-Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, Biomedical Science, National Tsing Hua University,Taiwan, 2004
-Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, Behavioral & Counseling Psychology, Brigham Young University Hawaii, 2006