Medicinal Life Mission Statement

The mission statement for Medicinal Life is “Treat with compassion, integrity and wisdom.” I decided to write about something a little different than what I have been writing about. I figured that by writing about my mission statement it may help others to understand a little more about Medicinal Life as well as a bit more about me.

This is actually the second mission statement that I came up with for the business. It came about by the coach I had when I was making my business plan. One of my homework assignments was to make a mission statement. I figured that it should be quite easy. I had seen plenty of them from the other businesses that I had worked for in the past. So, I sat down and within one hour I wrote a one paragraph mission statement. I was very proud of my effort and was happy to tell my couch of my progress he next week. He listened and told me that it was good and then asked if I had it memorized. I told him that I did not. He then told me that a good mission statement was something that you should base all of your business decisions upon. He then told me that I should redo my statement and only use 7 words for the whole thing. This way I would be able to memorize and think upon it easily. The next week it took me quite a bit of time to condense and improve on the statement and I am very happy with what I have now.

This mission statement covers a lot of ideas at once. First the word”treat” has the use of how to treat an individual or group as well as the concept of treatment of health. This will cover not only the patients that come in for treatments, but also the people that work for Medicinal Life as well as any vendor that we come into contact with throughout the day. “Compassion” is very important when you are working with people as well as with medical treatments. If you do not have compassion for a person then it is going to be a very difficult to help them.  Compassion is an aspect of caring and helping for the betterment of everyone. “Integrity” is an aspect of honor and trust. A person should show integrity in business as well as within their daily life. I cannot imagine trying to run a business without have people trust in how we do business or how we treat others. And finally “wisdom” is to have knowledge and understanding on how to use it. To be able to help and understand people, as well as their health, you need to have wisdom. Wisdom is not something that comes easily. It takes time and lots of hard work. I feel that it is important to keep learning and gain understanding of the knowledge to help as many people as I possibly can. This is the reason I have this as my mission statement.